Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi


Extinguish inorganic airborne odors     





Destroys inorganic airborne odors on contact. Natural Green Tech's advanced chemistry dissolves any and all persistent and noxious airborne odors inorganic or acidic in nature faster and more completely than anything else. Safe and will not harm fabric, carpet, upholstery, dry wall, leather, dashboard or other surfaces.
Natural Green Technologies advanced, industrial atomizer is designed to dramatically increase the efficacy of this product.


Why Choose Natural Green Technologies

Get rid of airborne odors and pathogens.
Kill more and kill them faster.
Fully automatic delivery.
No special heating or cooling.
Results last for a long time.

The most advanced chemistry and technology.

The most efficacious on the market today.

The fastest (hours vs. days).

The easiest to use (no special heating or cooling).

The safest – won’t harm carpets, drapes, leather, etc.

The longest-lasting.

The least expensive by far.

The most complete and fully automatic delivery system that magnifies results.